Best banana-lime sernik ever

I have been in love with sernik eating since childhood. It is a sort of cheese cake but in a Polish style. People have something similar in Russia as well. Thanks to Zofia Cudny recipe I can say that real life fairytales are just that…real and enjoyable))

I changed the original recipe a lil bit. But it’s worth tasting anyway.

Here we go:

750-800 g delicious cream cheese(ricotta, quark, Philadelphia, or smth you prefer, in Russia I take 9% tvorog)

500 g mascarpone

300 ml condenced milk

5 eggs

Juice and cest of 1 lime

2 bananas

120 g of icing sugar

Vanilla extract/or vanilla powder

4 tbsp of potato strach

When I wish to bake the sernik for a family breakfast I take just a half of each ingredient. This sernik size appears to be enough for a no-pieace-left breakfast.

I just use my blender to mix everything together. (Prefer to add already whisked eggs). The mixture should remind thick but liquid cream.

After whisking just pour the mixture into the form lined with baking paper. Bake it in the oven for an hour at 160 C.

Let the sernik sit in the turned-off oven with the door cracked for about 20 minutes, then cool it completely outside the oven and serve the silky pleasure to fuel everybody!

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